February 27, 2010

Medals and Honors

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Oparin/Urey Medal

At the 3rd ISSOL meeting in 1980 in Jerusalem, the first Oparin medal was awarded to Cyril Ponnamperuma. The Oparin Medal, named in honor of the original founder, was created to recognize extraordinary achievement in the field. Subsequently a Urey Medal was also created and one or the other of these medals is presented to a recipient at each conference, voted on by his or her peers. At the conference in Florence in 2008, The Stanley L. Miller award was announced, providing recognition for outstanding researchers under the age of 37. Every three years ISSOL Fellows are voted on by the society and recognized.

YearLocation of MeetingMedalist
1980JerusalemCyril Ponnamperuma (USA)1st Oparin
1983MainzStanley Miller (USA)2nd Oparin
1986BerkeleyJuan Oró (USA)3rd Oparin
1989PragueJ. William Schopf (USA)4th Oparin
1993BarcelonaLeslie Orgel (USA)1st Urey
1996OrléansJames Ferris (USA)5th Oparin
1999San DiegoAlan Schwartz (The Netherlands)2nd Urey
2002OaxacaAlbert Eschenmoser (Switzerland)6th Oparin
2005BeijingGerald Joyce (USA)3rd Urey
2008FlorenceJames Kasting (USA)7th Oparin
2011MontpellierJack Szostak (USA)4th Urey
2014NaraAndrew Knoll (USA)8th Oparin

ISSOL Fellows

C.A. PonnamperumaUSA1980
S.L. MillerUSA1983
J.W. SchopfUSA1989
L.E. OrgelUSA1993
J.P. FerrisUSA1996
D.L. DeVincenziUSA1996
S.W. FoxUSA1996
K. HaradaJapan1996
R.S. YoungUSA1996
A. BrackFrance1999
A.W. SchwartzThe Netherlands1999
G. Cairns-SmithUK1999
S. ChangUSA1999
V. GoldanskiRussia1999
D.L. DeamerUSA2002
A. EschenmoserSwitzerland2002
D. Des MaraisUSA`2002
R. RaulinFrance2002
J.F. KastingUSA2002
L. MargulisUSA2005
C.P. McKayUSA2005
M. SchidlowskiGermany2005
G.F. HorneckGermany2005
J. BadaUSA2008
A. LazcanoMexico2008
S. PizzarelloUSA2008
A. WeberUSA2008
G. ArrheniusUSA2011
J.P. GogartenUSA2011
R. KrishnamurthyUSA2011
G.E. FoxUSA2014
N. HudUSA2014
M.C. MaurelFrance2014
J. PeretoSpain2014

Stanley L. Miller Early Career Award

S. L. Miller AwardCountryYear
J. RaymondUSA2008
M. PownerUSA2011
M. Pasek USA2014

In 2011 C. Dupont (USA) was awarded as Stanley L. Miller Fellow.

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