ISSOL Leadership

The Executive Council sets overall Society policies and in general attends to the scientific and organizational health of ISSOL. The Council exercises the full legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the board of directors of any corporation. The members of Council are the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, twelve Councillors, and two Student Councilors. Elections are held every three years.

The ISSOL Executive Council for 2014 – 2017

President: Sandra Pizzarello
First Vice President: Robert Pascal
Second Vice President: Henderson James Cleaves
Secretary: John Robert Brucato
Treasurer: Rocco Mancinelli

Councillors: Irene Chen, George Cooper, Athena Coustenis, Muriel Gargaud, Ram Krishnamurthy, Antonio Lazcano, Niles Lehman, Uwe Meierhenrich, Juli Peretó, Akihiko Shimada, Jack Szostak, Arthur Weber

Student Councillors: Julia de Marines, Teresa Fornaro, Yosuke Hoshino

The specific duties of the various officers are described in Statutes and By-laws. This document also states any constraints placed on the actions of Council.