Call for Nominations

2020 Oparin Medal

A committee has been appointed to select the 9th recipient of the A. I. Oparin Medal of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, which will be presented at the ISSOL 2020 conference. The award selection committee will be chaired by Jim Cleaves, who was elected an ISSOL Fellow at ISSOL 2017 in La Jolla, California, and include George Cooper (elected an ISSOL Fellow at ISSOL 2017) and Marie-Christine Maurel (elected an ISSOL Fellow in 2014). The 2020 Oparin Medal will be awarded “to the scientist deemed to have had the best sustained scientific research program in the origin of life field”. The rules adopted by the ISSOL Executive Council state:
 “Any full member of ISSOL may submit nominations.”

The submission deadline will be January 31, 2019. Nominees must be members of the Society. Nominations must include:

  • a letter (~250 words) describing the nominee’s contributions to the field,
  • a list of not more than ten of the nominee’s major publications.

Nominations should be sent to Jim Cleaves at

The Executive Council passed a resolution that the A. I. Oparin and H. C. Urey Medals will be presented at alternate ISSOL meetings and that no single individual may be recipient of both awards. View the list of past recipients that are not eligible for nomination.

ISSOL Fellows

The selection is based on a members’ demonstrated exceptional and sustained contributions to the origin of life and/or astrobiology through scientific research, educational activities, or service to the Society or to this scientific community. The selection committee consists of Cornelia Meinert (chair), Arthur Weber, and Ram Krishnamurthy. Nominees must be members of the society. New Fellows are chosen from a panel of three current Fellows. The nomination submission deadline is December 1st, 2019.

Nominations should include a 1 page letter outlining the candidate’s achievements and contributions, a CV, and a list of publications, and be sent to professor Cornelia Meinert as a pdf to
View the list of past recipients.