Message from the President

Dear ISSOL members,

I am happy to report that the conference in Nara, Origins 2014, was well attended and most satisfying scientifically. We will try to have soon the abstracts available on this site; you will also be able to follow the main communications at the conference through several subsequent issues of Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere.

Please find here the list of new officers and councillors. Both councillors and members had to take some decisions during the conference, which are reported below. All members approved the new by-laws, which were kindly and skillfully prepared by Dave Deamer. They are a modernized version of the previous document.

As required by the by-laws, councillor also needed to approve the format of the next conference, and whether to continue the ISSOL association with Bioastronomy, and the site for the next conference. The first issue was decided rather quickly because Bioastronomy will shortly dissolve as a society. The International Astronomical Union periodically adjudicates upon proposal the formation of commissions, to coordinate activities of various astronomical sub-disciplines and these have a fixed duration. Commission 51 initiated “Bioastronomy: Search for Extraterrestrial Life” in 1982 (later just Bioastronomy) and will end before 2017.

The council, therefore, took a default decision in setting the next conference as ISSOL 2017. The possibility of partial association with other societies involved in origins of life studies was left open and will be discussed in the future. The next conference will be held in La Jolla, California at the University of California, San Diego and will be the first to be held in the USA since ISSOL 1999, also held in La Jolla.

I hope to see you all there.

Sandra Pizzarello
ISSOL President